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Wired UK

Guest post: Could Amazon re-Kindle payment for content across the web? (Wired UK)

If there’s one subject that tends to divide digital consumers, micro-transactions must be high up the list...

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Wired UK

Facebook's future is in your past (Wired UK)

Why do you check in? Why do you tweet? Why do you share those holiday snaps and tag your friends? The social network experience today is a transient one, both in sharing and consumption...

Wired UK

Why should we opt out of Google's new privacy policy? (Wired UK)

For all the articles out there that detail how to circumvent Google's new privacy policy, there's a real lack of anything that truly explains why...

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Wired UK

Listen up Apple: build a smart EarPod or someone else will (Wired UK)

Apple should create a smart "EarPod" -- earphones that monitor fitness while also playing music -- or they'll lose out in the wearables space, argues Max Tatton-Brown...