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The Telegraph

Google's hunt for an Apple-killer has taken it to some strange places, but it could pay off – Telegraph Blogs

It doesn’t take a tech expert to spot that Google has been acting strangely lately. Strapping computers to your face, launching self-driving cars, buying military robotics and AI companies — none of these are particularly endearing them to your average Joe. Indeed, many are setting new standards for invasiveness and...

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The Telegraph

For the foreseeable future, your smartphone battery won't last longer than a day. Stop moaning and deal with it – Telegraph Blogs

In the six years since we were all walking around with little bricky Nokia phones, we’ve come to enjoy many of the aspects of having a supercomputer in our pocket – but the fact that battery life will rarely exceed a day isn’t one of them. It seems not a...

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The Telegraph

Sainsbury's versus Google: why I'd rather give my data to a tech company than a supermarket – Telegraph Blogs

I’m playing the lottery. No, not that one – the Sainsbury's voucher lottery. Today I won four prizes, but I’m not in it for £2.50 off at the cheese counter. I want to understand the marketing algorithm that creates the deals. Because I’m pretty sure it’s wasting my time. It’s...

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The Telegraph

Have you really never tried computer games? Then prepare to have your eyes opened… – Telegraph Blogs

Literature is millennia old. Cinema has a good 100 years under its belt. And TV is no spring chicken. But gaming is still a young medium, moving faster and changing more radically than you might expect. At this age in film, movies were silent and accompanied by live piano in...

The Telegraph

Twitter is *really* serious about making money out of you. So it's changing your profile – Telegraph Blogs

Web services are in a constant state of flux and improvement. From Google removing underlining on its search results to minor Facebook design tweaks, it's the digital equivalent of when they move one of your regular buys in the supermarket. But every now and then, a redesign comes along that...

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The Telegraph

Is lack of originality built into Twitter's DNA? – Telegraph Blogs

Last week, Twitter expanded its sponsored tweets programme to include retargeting. This means it can tell what products you've been looking at around the web and project tweets in your timeline to flog you those goods and services. Which seems fair enough – after all, it's what every major ad...

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The Telegraph

Why is your smartphone screen so dumb? – Telegraph Blogs

I recently fell out of love with my smartphone. What had previously seemed like a charming selection of apps on my homescreen had become a labyrinth of folders and icons, most of which I never touched. And yet each time I looked at the device they'd be there screaming out...